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Complete GDPR and ePrivacy Compliance Package
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GDPR App and TRUENDO will help you keep internal and your external operations GDPR and ePrivacy compliant.
The challenges DPOs face:
The GDPR is 2 years old now and most companies are still not fully compliant. This is not for a lack of trying, but keeping the overview of everything that needs to be done is a real challenge. This is especially hard in large organisations, where the DPO has to make sure that all departments are compliant, from the website privacy policy to HR. From DPIAs to cookie consent, keeping an overview is extremely difficult. This is why TRUENDO and GDPR App have partnered, to help DPOs keep their companies fine free.
GDPR App helps DPOs keep an overview of what has been done, what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and who is responsible for the tasks. It will make your life much easier.
  • Centralising audit management with reporting and see real-time progress of your audit,
  • Decentralising ownership and responsibility for existing information assets, processes and risks,
  • Maintaining risk management registry for your organisation processes, assets, organisational units,
  • Maintaining records of processing activities in line with GDPR Article 30article 30 of GDPR,
  • Maintaining data protection impact assessments in line with GDPR Article 35article 35 of GDPR,
  • Viewing performance on data protection separately for multiple legal entities,
  • Third-party assessment of your suppliers and processors in terms of compliance and risks,
  • Educating employees on data protection via simple on-line training,
  • Providing guidance and training on internal audit and approach to data protection compliance.
The first vulnerability is the website, what the public sees. Show a compliant face to build confidence and trust in your company. TRUENDO helps you with a Consent Management Platform and a Privacy Policy, all-in-one.
  • TRUENDO automatically analyses your website for cookies and categorises them.
  • Your customers will see all required cookie information in a user-friendly format.
  • Cookies, social media content and plugins are only activated when the user gives their consent.
  • Easily manage all your user consents from all your websites, on one platform.
  • Simply manage all collected consents in a single online platform.
  • Easy copy-paste website integration and Google Tag Manager compatibility.