Manage multiple companies

Zarządzaj zgodnością z przepisami o ochronie danych w wielu organizacjach jednocześnie. Rozwiązanie jest zaprojektowane dla administratorów ochrony danych, którzy zarządzają wieloma organizacjami w tym samym czasie.

Audit management

Manage your audits, audit teams and audit reports from one place. Our software will help you save time, simplify and standardise your internal or external audit process.

Records of processing activities

Build and maintain your registry of processing activities required under some circumstances by article 30 of General Data Protection Regulation.

Risk management

Performing data protection risk assesments may be easier when they are being conducted on shared platform. Specified employes may be given an url address that let's them perform risk assesments that you may keep an eye on.

Asset management

Maintaining a record of your information assets may be simple and comfortable. Add detailed information regarding your assets and assess their compliance with legal and security standards

Incident register

Personal data breaches should be documented internally by controllers and processors accordingly to the requirements of General Data Protection Regulation.

Data Protection Impact Assessment

Build your data protection impact assessment using collected data about your organisation within the system.


Generate reports in PDF, CSV, XML, JSON formats regarding any aspect of processing of personal data at your organisation.

Processors management and assessments

Maintain a list and categories of your processors. Use our software to remotely assess level of compliance of your suppliers to comply with GDPR.

Subject Access Request

Register all your Subject Accesss Requests and verify responses given to data subjects.