Remote data protection compliance audit

Remote audit will help to identify basic legal and contractual aspects of data protection compliance in regard with your organisational structure, data processing activities and software solutions.

Data Protection Officer Outsourcing

We outsource Data Protection Officer role defined in Genral Data Protection Regulation. Data Protection Officer's role is related with audit, compliance management and education in the area of data protection.

On-site and online data protection training sessions

Przeprowadzamy szkolenia, kursy i warsztaty z zakresu ochrony danych osobowych przeznaczone dla pracowników różnych szczebli. Szkolenia są prowadzone w formie szkoleń otwartych, szkoleń zamkniętych w siedzibie klienta oraz szkoleń on-line.

Software privacy engineering (privacy by design)

We support in design of IT software in the context of privacy protection in the design stage and their development stage. Core goal of privacy by design is reduction of risk related to non-compliance with regulatory and contractual requirements and to build a culture of privacy at your organisation.