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GDPR App is a tool for General Data Protection Regulation compliance

Manage multiple organizations at the same time

It is easy to manage data protection compliance at multiple organizations at once. You may switch easily between organizaatiosn you are supporting in the GDPR compliance process.

Such solution is designed especially for data protection officers who manage multiple organizations at the same time. Data protection officers may give access rights to particular organizations and selected parts of organization within the system.

Collaborative auditing for data protection officers

It is for multiple auditors or data protection officers to audit, manage and comply with GDPR and other information security regulations.

Records of processing activities

  • Collect the purposes of the processing
  • Manage Processors and Recipients to whom the personal data will be disclosed
  • Set where possible, the envisaged time limits for erasure of the different categories of data
  • Prepare description of the technical and organisational security measures
  • Transfers of personal data to a third country or an international organisation, including the identification of that third country or international organisation and, in the case of transfers referred to in the second subparagraph

Perform data protection risk assesments

Performing data protection risk assesments may be easier when they are being conducted on shared platform. Specified employes may be given an url address that let's them perform risk assesments that you may keep an eye on.

Prepare for IT security audits

Performing data protection risk assesments may be easier when they are being conducted on shared platform.

Notification of a personal data breach to the supervisory authority (incident registery)

Article 33 of General Data Protection Regulation states that the controller shall document any personal data breaches, comprising the facts relating to the personal data breach, its effects and the remedial action taken. That documentation shall enable the supervisory authority to verify compliance with this Article.

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