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What information we recommend to prepare to help us to provide a quote?

To make communication effective please consider including additional information in your inquiry basing on examples below:

  • Approximate size of the organization
  • Locations of the organization, including number of branches
  • Expectations and potential scope of work - we will help you to clarify this.
  • Expectations around training and education activities
  • Links to websites where we can learn more about your business
  • Description of software engineering problems you intend to solve or products you're looking to build

What information about your business we recommend to provide to us for the quote?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we're a remote-first company and our primary goal is to focus services performed remotely in the first place. However, basing on customer expectations we also conduct our services on-site.

No, joining any of our communities for Data Protection Officers on Discord, Slack, LinkedIn and Facebook is completely free of charge. You will be required to create an account on these social services to be able to join and display posted information.

Yes, if you're looking for tailored solutions which not listed on our website please contact us so we can work together to prepare an offer that will fit your requirements.